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Cédric Questel

When life gives you lemons, make limonade !

Cédric Questel, student in Master of Digital Strategy at Digital Campus (Bordeaux), also a Front-End developer at Iseabloom. About myself, I enjoy working on new projects, imagining and building a concept, from the design to the development. I like working on the visual aspect of a project ; that's why I try to improve my skills in graphic design and ergonomics ! In Front Development too. I would like to become polyvalent on many fields of the web. I focus on new trends of graphic and web design, in order to get more inspiration !
This website is one of my latest creations. I let you discover more about me and my work, that's the most interesting !


Scientific Baccalaureat At Chelles (77) June 2010
1st year in BA's of Mathematics and Computer Science At University of Marne-la-Vallée (77) October 2010 - May 2011
Diploma in Communication Network and Services At Institute of Technology Champs-sur-Marne (77) September 2011 - June 2013
At Cifacom - Montreuil (93) October 2013 - October 2014
Digital Strategy
At Bordeaux (33) October 2014 - Today

My skills

My skills in multimedia

My hobbies

I have played badminton for 9 years,
in competition for 3 years.

I like running...

I have rollerbladed since...... I can't remember !

I go to the swimming pool when I have the time...

My work

Projet Patrimoine En Partage

Animation in Flash
Bip bip and Coyote

Projet Patrimoine En Partage

Patrimoine en Partage

Le site de Galerie6


Développement d'un site en PHP

Photo contest

Mes premiers pas en CSS 3

Portfolio v1

La refonte du site de PSF

Patrimoine sans Frontières

Un portfolio sobre et responsive

Portfolio v2

Affiche du Keyfestival - Tout en couleurs

Poster of the KeyFestival

Bannière publicitaire Iphone

Banner ad
Iphone 5

Animation Festival d'Angoulême

Animation in Flash
Comics festival

Ma première identité visuelle

First visual identity

Le projet Coach moi fort

Coach Moi Fort

Visitam project

Visitam app

  • Animation in Flash - Coyote and the Road Runner

    June 2012
    School project

    Video game animation

    This video was created in Flash (CS5) in 1st year in the Department of Communication Network and Services. Around the theme of video games, I remade the story of the Coyote and the Road Runner in 1min30.

  • Patrimoine en Partage - Visual identity

    July 2012
    Client : The association Patrimoine sans Frontières
    The logo of Patrimoine en Partage The graphic model of Patrimoine en Partage
    The logo of Patrimoine en Partage

    Work on a visual identity

    The goal was to create a visual identity for an associative project. I had to design a logo and a model of the homepage of the website.

  • Galerie6

    May 2012 - April 2013
    School project
    Restart the animation
    Model of the website of Galerie6

    A fictive communication agency

    This school project was realized in the Department of Communication Networks and Services by six students. We proposed some services on the Internet. Galerie6 was the name of our project : it was an agency. I was the web developer and my mission was to develop the website of the agency. I used for that the web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3.

  • 3PetitsChats - Photo contest

    December 2012
    School project
    A PHP project

    Development of a website in PHP

    In the Department of Communication Networks and Services, I had to develop a website in PHP. I realized the website with an other student : Morgane Choiset. What's the point ? This website was for a photo contest in which we could register, log in, edit our profile, upload photos, create relationships with other users, comment, like and give a mark on the photos. We could also classified the pictures in terms of the marks of the photos.

  • Portfolio v1

    January 2013
    Personnal project
    Visual of the graphic model Visual of the graphic model
    Visual of the graphic model

    My first steps in CSS3

    In order to find a training in 2dn year of school, I decided to create my first portfolio. The aim was to show my works and my skills in front development. It was the opportunity for me to discover the HTML5 and CSS3's possibilities.

  • Patrimoine sans Frontières

    May 2012 - April 2013
    Client : The association Patrimoine sans Frontières
    Visual of the graphic model Visual of the graphic model Visual of the graphic model
    Visual of the graphic model

    A website redesign of PSF

    Our goal was to redesign the visual identity of the association Patrimoine sans Frontières ; we had to redesign the website, with a new logo and create a new communication strategy. My mission was to develop the new website of the association/ To do that, I had to update the version of the website, from SPIP 1.9 to SPIP 3 (CMS). Then, I integrated the new design.

  • Portfolio v2

    September 2013
    Personnal project
    Visual of the homepage Visual of the mobile version Some pages
    Homepage of the portfolio

    A clean an responsive portfolio

    In this version of my portfolio, I tried to show my works more clearly. The clear and clean design is really different from the first version. But my aim was to push the technique further : I adapted the design in differents supports. That's why this website is responsive.

  • Poster of the KeyFestival

    October 2013
    School project
    Visual of poster

    The KeyFestival - Full color

    The KeyFestival is a festival of pictures of 3D, cinema, communication and multimedia schools. This year, the aim was to create buzz around a strong concept, using the color thematic. I tried to represent this thematic in the creation of this poster.

  • Banner ad of Iphone 5

    November 2013
    School project

    So High fun, So Iphone !

    To promote the new Iphone 5 in Christmas period, I realized this banner ad around Christmas words.

    Banner for Iphone 5
  • Animation in Flash - Comics Festival

    February 2014
    School project

    Comics festival of Angouleme

    The Angouleme festival is a major event of comics. For the 41th edition of the festival, we were 3 students to propose an interactive banner, made in Flash. We wanted to put in light the "discovery" aspect, keeping a humorous tone. We took the mascot of the festival and built a story with it.

  • Cédric Questel - Webdesigner

    September 2013
    Personnal project
    Business card

    My first visual identity

    I try to design my own visual identity. This logo is the first version of my visual identity.

  • Coach Moi Fort

    October 2013- March 2014
    Client : Gabrielle PINTO
    Restart the animation
    Maquette du site de Coach Moi Fort

    A concept around the sport

    The "Coach moi Fort" program (Coach me Hard) enables people to join other people to practice sport. The main idea is : "We should be free, have fun because if we feel good in mind, we will be simply happy". Coach me Hard is funny. The goal was to create a visual identity for this project, mixing the vision of sport and the vintage aspect that the client was loooking for.

  • Visitam app

    May 2014 - July 2014
    School project
    Visual of the application Visitam 'Visual of the application Visitam
    Visual of the application Visitam

    An app for your tourist trips

    Visitam is a mobile application which enables users visit the city they want to discover. This app should give a piece of information about monuments, localities and rambles around the user. I have worked on the ergonomics and the design into my team project, but the application hasn't be developed.

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